SSD S3610 Series 1.6T SSDSC2BX016T401 in Stock

SSD S3610 Series 1.6T SSDSC2BX016T401 in Stock

SSD S3610 Series 1.6T SSDSC2BX016T401 in Stock

SSD S3610 Series 1.6T SSDSC2BX016T401 in Stock

In recent days, many customers are looking for Solid Hard Drive S3610-800G SSDSC2B800G401 Due to the global mass shortage, they feel a headache to source any. Here E-energy recommends SSD S3610-1.6T in the same Series which are in stock for fast delivery. This model has strong write and reads performance, large storage capacity and higher security technology. It is a worthwhile model to buy.

General Specification

Manufacturer: Intel Corporation

Manufacturer Part Number: SSDSC2BX016T401—$1,240

Interface: SATA

Drive Type: Internal

Size: 2.5″

Family: DC S3610 Series

Product Type: Solid State Drive

Storage Capacity: 1.60 TB


Technology Specification

Improved Power Loss Data Protection

End-To-End Data Protection

AES 256 bit hardware encryption

High Endurance

Our offer: in stock, brand new, original, 5-year international warranty, retail box packing


As for packing, we mainly supply solid state drive in retail box packing. However, some specific model, we supply two kinds, both of bulk packing or box packing. If you have requirements of packing, welcome contact our sales for help. Different from SSD on sale in some places, SSD exported from Hong Kong can be enjoyed 5-year international warranty service. If there is any quality problem happen, customers don’t need to ship back to us. They can call Intel Corporation International hotline 800-820-1100, they can enjoy guarantee service at local suppliers.


This model is in stock now, if you want to have a look at the picture before your final decision, please contact us. We are willing to shoot for you with full information including model number, version #, pack date, carton number, batch number, SN number, original place etc. Please rely on us. Choose us, your business is safe.


To guarantee smoothly working, Operating Temperature of SSDSC2BX016T401 should between 0 C (Minimum) to + 70 C(Maximum) . Systerms using SSDSC2BX016T401 includes Supermicro SDR-1028GR-TR etc.

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