CM8066002023604 E5-2683 V4 Sixteen Core CPU

CM8066002023604 E5-2683 V4 Sixteen Core CPU


This week we keep promoting one hot sale model E5-2683V4 CM8066002023604. The model launched year is the last year 2016. It hasn’t been long since its release, but this new powerful

E5-2683V4 sells very well in the global market. No matter in clouding, computing, networking or storage, customers will feel fully satisfied.

CM8066002023604 E5-2683 V4 Sixteen Core CPU

CM8066002023604 E5-2683 V4 Sixteen Core CPU


General Specification

Brand: Intel

Type: Xeon CPU

MPN: CM8066002023604

The number of CPU cores:16-core

The number of Threads: 32

Processor Base Frequency: 2.10 GHz

Socket Type: LGA 2011

Cache: 40 MB smart cache


E-energy offer: In stock, FOB Hong Kong, original, brand new, tray packaging, 1-year warranty

You’ll be delighted by better great performance, enhanced orchestration as well as security ability. E5-2683V4 performs well at different working loads.


The core competence of E-energy Trading Limited is large inventory so quick delivery can be made. Time is gold for you while time is good for us too. Instead of long lead time, fast delivery is one of our pre-sale services according to our Customer-oriented culture. MOQ is 1 pcs. As a result, new customers can place a small order as the trial order to test our quality and service first. We trust you will love our company as your trustworthy supplier.


Where can E5-2683V4 be used?

1) Servers & Workstations:

Dell: Precision T5810, T7810, T7910, R7910 etc.


2) Motherboards:

Supermicro: X10S series, X10D series etc.

Tyan: S562 series, S707 series , S708 series etc.

Asus: Z10PA-U8, Z10PA-D8, Z10PC-D8, Z10PE-D16, Z10PR-D16 etc.

ASRock: FH-C612NM, OCP-C612HM, EPC612 series, EP2C612 series, X99 series etc.

MSI: X99 Godlike Gaming Carbon, X99 Godlike Gaming, X99A XPower Gaming Titanium etc.

EVGA: X99 Family etc.


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