Intel DC P3520 SSDPEDMX012T701 PCIe 1.2TB SSD

Intel DC P3520 SSDPEDMX012T701 PCIe 1.2TB SSD

Intel DC P3520 SSDPEDMX012T701 PCIe 1.2TB SSD

Intel DC P3520 SSDPEDMX012T701 PCIe 1.2TB SSD

With the Intel SSD DC P3520 Series, you can now transition your data center storage solutions from SATA SSDs and HDDs in a cost-effective manner. Built on Intel 3D NAND, the Intel SSD DC P3520 Series is optimized for high-density data center/enterprise configurations. Combined with the low latency and high bandwidth of the NVMe specification: Up to 437x performance over STAT; up to 90% IOPs consistency: up to 100% more effective at preventing SDC (Silent Data Corruption)

The Intel DC P3520 Series enables up to 4.7x the performance of SATA – making it ideal for read-intensive workloads. The consistently amazing performance of the P3520 Series provides fast data streams directly to the processor, such as the high-performance Intel Xeon processor, for efficient server data transfers.


Warranty: International five years

Interface: PDI-E 3.0 X4 NV ME

Form Factor: HHHL AIC

Lithography Type: 3D NAND G1 MLC

Drive Capacity: 1.2 TB

Max Sequential Read: 1700MB/s

Max Sequential Write: 1300MB/s

Read IOPS: 320,000

Write IOPS: 26,000

Read  Latency: 20 µs

Write Latency:20 µs

Operating Wattage:11W (Write), 9W (Read), 4W (Idle)

MTBF Rating:2 Million Hours

Endurance Rating:1480 TBW

MFG Part Number: SSDPEDMX012T701


E-energy Hotcakes—Intel Solid State Drive 750 Series: SSDPEDMW400G4X1


Experience the future of storage performance for desktop client and workstation users with the Intel SSD 750 Series. The Intel SSD 750 Series delivers uncompromised performance by utilizing NVM Express over four lanes of PCIe 3.0.

With both Add-in Card and 2.5-inch form factors, the Intel SSD 750 Series eases migration from SATA to PCIe 3.0 without power or thermal limitations on performance.The SSD can now deliver the ultimate in performance in a variety of system form factors and configurations.



Capacity: 400GB

PCIe Gen3 x4

Form Factor: Half-height Half-length; Single Slot x4 connector

Performance:  Seq R/W: 2200 / 900 MB/s

4K random read: 430K

4K random write: 230K

Components: Intel 20nm MLC NAND Flash Memory


NVM Express 1.0

PCI Express Base Specification Rev. 3.0

SFF 8639 Enterprise SSD Form Factor Version 1.0a

PCI Express Card Electro-Mechanical (CEM) Specification Rev.2.0

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