The Future Is Now—Intel Solutions Summit (ISS) 2017

The Future Is Now—Intel Solutions Summit 2017

Intel Solutions Summit

Intel Solutions Summit

You are sincerely invited to take part in Intel Solutions Summit (ISS) 2017 at the Venetian Macao-Resort-Hotel, from 25th April to 28th April.

ISS 2017 is going to celebrate this interconnected world, which combines technology and people successfully

Asia-Pacific region, China and Japan jointly organize ISS 2017
Intel Corporation is dedicated to promoting the development of virtuous cycle, connecting the cloud, data center,

storage and FOGZ altogether.

This Solutions Summit (ISS)celebrated this intelligent interconnection world that connects technology and people.

The reasons for participation as follows:

Only respected people in Intel industry are invited

For example, specialists, elites and global sponsors in this industry are invited. Then they will celebrate for cooperation and success by grand activities.

Larger scale and excellent activities

Through this summit, more creative international technical solutions will be demonstrated. Meanwhile,

it brought about more opportunities to contact the elites in this industry, to share brilliant business ideas and solutions, to expand the business as well.

It was a summit meeting with a larger scale and excellent activities.

Intel executives will share their experience

Intel executive will analyze new market opportunities and share how to help our esteemed cooperative partner to gain the initiative in these new segment markets during their speech.

It is a golden opportunity to gain your new sources and establish contact with your new partner,

strengthen the existed ecosystem partnership and experience global new products and new solutions.

Meanwhile, it was a golden opportunity to gain new sources and establish contact with our new partner,

strengthen the existed ecosystem partnership and experience global new products and new solutions.

E-energy Trading Limited had the honor to learn a lot from this summit. We will continually make great efforts to improve the service of our company so as to meet your expectation.


Intel Optane SSD 900P Series

Intel Optane SSD 900P Series

Intel Optane SSD 900P Series

Flash 3D technology

With the fast development of Flash 3D technology, massive new products of SSD have come into market continuously base on the 3D NAND and 3D Xpoint technology in 2017. 3D Xpoint was a full new flash technology, a combination of Micron and Intel in 2015. Then this year, Intel has launched a variety of storage products based on the 3D Xpoint.

Intel  Optane SSD 900P series first consumer has been exposed, aiming to replace the last generation of 600P series consumer SSD which is based on 3D NAND, after published Optane P4800  375GB SSD BASE ON 3D Xpoint and 16GB AND 32GB Optane Cache SSD.

It’s reported that Intel 900P Optane SSD is a storage product which faces to the high-end market. It also provides two specifications: length and width PCI-E expansion card and 2.5 inches 15mm U.2.

Intel 900P SSD has more capacity choose choice, such as 280GB, 480GB,960 GB and 1.5 TB which is different from DC P4800X series of 375GB, 750GB AND 1.5TB base on digital center.

On the part of the function,  sustained Read and Write is up to 2.5GB/s, 2.0GB/s, Random 4KB  Read and Write is up to 550K IOPS and 500K IOPS.

In terms of power consumption, it offers 5W’s standby time, 18W working time and 5 years warranty.

It is going to be launched at the end of   2nd quarter, 2017 or in Taipei Computer Exhibition Hall.

About E-energy Trading Limited

As for our company, E-energy Trading Limited is an independent distributor of Inter Xeon CPU and SSD. We provide products with high quality, best price, and service so we are enjoying high reputation in Inter Xeon CPU and SSD market in the world. Therefore, our company E-energy Trading Limited, HK will make effort to pay more attention to this full new product.

Our Team

E-energy —- The Better Family It Is Never Too Old To Learn

E-energy —- The Better Family It Is Never Too Old To Learn

E-energy held a staff lesson on the topic of How to Be the Most Valuable Employee for the Enterprise 

All businesses, no matter what the size, need some sort of organizational structure to operate properly. E-energy Trading Limited is one of the leading suppliers of Xeon Processor in China, enjoying high reputation in Xeon CPU market domestically and internationally. In order to a set organizational structure to implement company policies and operate at efficient levels well, all staff including Sales team, purchasing the team, logistic, office administration all attend the lesson.

Believe is a kind of power, and faith is invincible.

Believe is a kind of power, and faith is invincible. It’s not important what you choose to believe, is what we choose to believe. What you’ve always wanted will come sooner or later in our mind. Everything that happens in your life is what you attract. Only believe that there will be action, there will be received. Such as, as far as I am concerned, I believed this client must be nice to me, I would like to treat them as my best friend. What I believe is that efforts are the peak season, not hard is the off-season.  The most valuable employees must be those who have strong learning ability. It is never too old to learn. All difficulties on earth can be overcome if men but give their minds to it. As long as we do what we want to do, we will be successful, because we reap what we have not harvested. The difference is in our brain, only if you have your brain, the treasure with into your pocket. Want to improve? Then worship him, imitate him, thank him.

Thankfulness helps us to experience higher job satisfaction, a stronger sense of community, and an increased level of overall performance. E-energy embraces a culture of gratitude, we want to be thankful to our CEO, all our colleagues and most importantly, to all our customers who support us for such a long time.